Good News: Reading doesn’t have to be difficult for your child.

Researchers now have a good understanding of the nature of reading difficulties and why some very intelligent people struggle with reading.  Perhaps more importantly, they also have a good understanding of what type of treatment is required to remediate these reading difficulties.

“…scientific evidence suggests there is a glitch in the neurological wiring of dyslexics that makes reading extremely difficult for them. Fortunately, the science also points to new strategies for overcoming the glitch.”    –  Time Magazine

This “glitch” is called a phonological weakness and is the reason why some very smart people struggle with reading, writing and spelling.  It may also be more common than you think.

 “15-20% of the population have a language-based learning disability… Dyslexia is the most common cause of reading, writing and spelling difficulties.”- International Dyslexia Association

Reading Difficulty Solutions uses a research based and scientifically evaluated reading intervention program (PCI’s SpellRead) to help students who struggle with reading acquisition, students who are not fluent readers and students who do not comprehend or retain what they read.  The program is constructed to remediate the phonological weaknesses (changing the neural pathways of the brain) in people with reading difficulties – retraining the brain with phonological auditory training, guided oral reading, and writing practice. 

This program is extremely effective for individuals who: 
• Are ages 5 through adult
• Have diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities which impair their reading ability
• Are receiving (or have received) special services at school for reading difficulties
• Have found other reading programs ineffective
• Are currently struggling to acquire reading skills
• Have historically struggled to become efficient and effective readers
• Are functioning one or more years below grade level due to reading difficulties

Expert Instruction

All instructors at Reading Difficulty Solutions are graduates of four-year universities that complete extensive training and professional development, enabling them to use highly effective, research-based instructional methods to teach reading and spelling.

Individual Instruction

After a comprehensive evaluation, each student is matched with a certified instructor for individual intervention.  Periodic, independent assessments keep the student and/or family informed of progress. 

A Positive Learning Approach

Reading Difficulty Solutions’ positive approach to learning inspires children to excel and to value their experiences with their instructor and in the classroom.  Our motivational techniques combine positive reinforcement and goal- setting to reward effort and progress.

Convenient & Flexible Sessions

Instruction takes place in your home or at an alternate, convenient location.  Classes are available at convenient times to fit your family’s schedule and sessions begin throughout the year. 

Learn More

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